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Happily Ever After (Without Children!)

Jul 7, 2018

This podcast is for anyone who doesn’t have children and for anyone who loves someone who doesn’t have children!   It is for those who have struggled to conceive but also for those who have woken up one day and realised it is a little bit too late. It is also for anyone triumphant in their decisions to never have children in the first place. Everyone holds a rightful place in this conversation. Everyone. And that means you too, guys!   

This episode featuring sisters Sheila and Iovana is particularly close to my heart.  They are not only sisters, but describe each other as best friends and soul mates. Exactly how I describe my sister.  Sheila, a teacher, doesn’t have children but what she does have is an infectious and almost mischievous giggle while Iovana, who is also a teacher and has a son, is slightly quieter but they both smile almost constantly. I think you can her it in their voices.

We spoke about miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and secondary infertility but we also spoke of hope and the future and of gratitude.  The story you'll hear this month is a true testament to the strength, courage and overwhelming power of love that can exist between sisters.