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Happily Ever After (Without Children!)

Aug 12, 2018

So, here we are at episode five. Today is an exciting day because my sister is being induced, pretty much as I speak and in only a few hours (hopefully!) I will have a new niece or nephew! She is all the way over in Kansas City and I am here in England and I wish I could be there to share this experience with her but it’s just not possible, due to work and the expense of travel. I will go out to visit in a month or so, so I will be counting the days until then. So perhaps my podcast should be called Happily Ever After, Without my OWN Children. Because I am certainly not happy without children and I miss my nephew terribly.

This week’s episode is my story. I just talk for a while about why I am doing this podcast and I give a bit more detail about my experience with infertility and miscarriages. It might sound a little bit different because I was also recording video for my patreon subscribers. It is pretty free-flowing because I didn’t want to edit myself. There will be another full-length interview with a guest next week.