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Happily Ever After (Without Children!)

Jun 11, 2018

I was fortunate to visit Lief in her seaside home.  Lief and I connected over the local support group I started and over the novel she has published called Flow, which addresses themes such as resilience, survival, pain and loss.   

In Lief's words, "for years I battled with excruciating pain (endometriosis) and held on to the desire to fall pregnant.  Whilst on my journey, I kept looking for realistic, engaging, intelligent, unsentimental, non-happy-ending fiction on the subject. I never found it.  Being a writer already, I decided to fictionalise my own story. I now live a contented pain free childless life in an idyllic place by the sea with my husband and my dog."

In our chat, Lief and I covered a lot of ground.  From realising we are in a secret club that no one wants to really join (!) to speaking frankly about what we are really thinking when women announce they are pregnant.  We discussed the importance of letting anger go in order to luxuriate in the abundant life we are living and how life without our own children does not mean living a life without children.